Episode 2 – The Planning: Part 1

What is it like to find the perfect partner?

How do we know that we have found THAT perfect partner?

What is it that we are looking for in a partner?

Does love at first sight make any sense?

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop go deep into how they went about finding their respective wives. There are so many important factors when finding the right partners – love, connection both physical and mental, trust, loyalty, friendship, sharing and many more.

But then there is this other aspect of “do you want to have kids with them”? How vital that last point when selecting a partner? Is this how we need to look at a relationship? If and when you do hook up, how important is planning in your collective lives when bringing in a brand new human being into this turmoil we call world.

The Pop duo also speak about the first stages of planning to have a child and discuss as to why timing plays such an important role in it and what are the immediate things that need to be considered when planning to have a child.

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