Episode 5 – The Wives: Pre-Pregnancy

In this episode, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop introduce their very first guest(s), their wives Sabiha Ghiasi and Karen Alfonso, respectively.

In previous episodes, you have heard Nadir Pop and Peter Pop’s perspectives on the initial journey of becoming parents but now you will hear their side of the story. They discuss getting together as a couple and Karen’s concerns on managing a long-distance marriage while Peter was pursuing his MBA in a foreign country.

Sabiha and Karen also go into a detailed commentary on how their kids were definitely planned and not an “oops” moment and their initial struggle with PCOD and the effects it had on planning to have a baby. They also tell their respective stories on how all four of them reacted when they heard that they were pregnant.

They also discuss the pregnancy phase and how it was for them and what are things that they experienced while they were carrying. Karen goes on to describe her cravings and the day she accidentally took a sip of wine while pregnant and how she was totally freaking out.

The wives take us through the various forms of paranoia, issues, concerns while they were pregnant and thoughts of having a healthy child would constantly come up in conversations. And they highlight the fact how a first pregnancy always accentuates these feelings and emotions that they encounter.

There is a point in the podcast where they all discuss how the couple break the news to their respective parents and reactions range from emotional to downright hilarity, especially when it came to Nadir’s parents.

You heard Nadir Pop and Peter Pop’s version of the birthing story and now you can listen to Sabiha and Karen’s version, yes, including the chicken roll story (No one is going to let Nadir forget this for the rest of his life).

The episode is available on most podcast platforms, Links available here – http://linktr.ee/popsinapod


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