Episode 6 – The Wives: Post Pregnancy

You can read all the baby books, watch videos, plan, prepare and mentally convince yourself that “I am ready for this” but when the baby comes you are constantly asking yourself the question “Do I even know how to baby!

In Part 2 of THE WIVES episode the baby journey begins and things get real. Once again this episode is all about the wives and what it was like for them to get through the initial period of the baby coming home.

Karen and Sabiha relive their first few days with the baby. You can hear a nostalgic plea in Karen’s voice about missing the hospital staff and the nurses who took such good care of her son. But now she was all on her own and constantly on the edge.

On the other hand Sabiha talks about the horrors of reaching home with a 3-day old and especially feeding her daughter continuously on the hour and that definitely took a toll on her.

Luckily for both the wives, family and hired help was a big boon and they thanked their stars for it because things were definitely far better when raising the child.

But when it comes to diaper changing even closes family members take a step and both husband-wife have to clean up the shit, literally. Karen couldn’t take the smell but Sabiha would smell her daughter’s poop because of the breast milk – WHAT!?!

The wives also spoke about the do’s and don’ts of sharing photos of the kids on social media and why it is done by certain parents and why some parents shun the practice.

At some level Karen and Sabiha did question what have they got themselves into. Reality was far different from expectations. The relationship with the child, husband, family, and individually was going to change dramatically.

Hear to what they have to say and what they went through when life is ruled by a child taking over their body, when the tiniest event leads into panic, when isolation becomes their best friend and when lack of work leaves them frustrated.

Does having a child change YOU at the core?

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