Episode 9 – Kids in the time of Coronavirus

You feel bummed out when you have to cancel your holiday, especially when it’s an international one. But in this case Nadir Pop and his wife were glad they did it. No regrets.

WHO has declared Coronavirus aka COVID-19 a pandemic. Now this piece of news is literally of epic proportions, as far as we remember, this is probably happening for the first time in our lives. That is the scale that COVID-19 is operating at, to put it in perspective it has (so far) infected 134 nations out of 195. And now it’s in Mumbai, India as well.

‘Pops in a pod’ is not going to delve into the what, how, when, where and the whys of Coronavirus, there are far better and more enlightening platforms out there to provide the same. We are here to share our stories as parents who are concerned about their kids in the time of COVID-19.

That got us really thinking, it was an interesting peg and we hadn’t read much about it. By the time we recorded this podcast, there were just a couple of articles about how to break the news to your kids, but when we released the episode we found over 20 odd articles just on this topic, which is definitely encouraging.

When we went about writing this episode we were recounting our experiences about how DIFFICULT it is to break it down to a child what’s going on – the masks, the coughing sneezing and snort for yourself and others, the basics of covering your mouth. It was a task to simplify things at an unimaginable level.

There are many people out there who find the funny side to this, but it ceases to be funny when it happens to you. And it most definitely not funny when comes to parents who are constantly worried about the children and their whereabouts, company, safety, hygiene and eating habits.

During this entire week Indian mobile service providers have installed a Coronavirus warning voice message telling the public what to do to avoid getting infected. This 30 second long message before a call gets through to the person you were trying to call.

At first I thought that the caller tunes have been changed but turns out it’s not a caller tune at all but a pre-call voice message and then the phone rings. To be honest, it’s a great public service announcement but it’s getting annoying. But hey, in times like these you suck it up because it is of grave importance.

We also came across an interesting website that allows you to make your own tune to play to children in order to ensure that they wash their hands for 20 seconds https://washyourlyrics.com

Have a listen to the episode and let us know what you think. Did you try something different with your kids in regards to the pandemic. If you have an interesting story then write to us on popsinapod@gmail.com


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