Episode 31 – Indian Dads abroad – UK

In the last instalment of the Indian Dads Abroad series we are joined by Nadir Pop’s good friend Sandeep Asrani who immigrated to London just a year ago with his wife and seven year old daughter.

Nadir Pop has known Sandeep for close to 20 years now and if you had told him then that he would leave the country for good, Nadir Pop would have laughed in your face. But as his wife would always say “never say never”, it eventually did happen.

Sandeep didn’t move because he was tired of India, on the contrary, The Economist, where he heads the mobile division had been pushing him for years to set up his base in London, but for whatever reason he brushed it off. But one day it happened and he moved to live a better life and give a great life to his family.

An interesting fact about Sandeep is that he has been working from home for more than 7 years, so when the lockdown hit, it actually did not affect him at all.

“I am used to this, I don’t know what the big deal is”

Listen to his story, journey from Mumbai to London, which was so effortless, it was almost like shifting to the neighbouring building

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Pops in a Pod is parenting podcast produced by first time dads Nadir Kanthawala (content and digital marketing professional) and Peter Kotikalapudi (marketing professional). Nadir has a daughter and Peter has a son. They currently reside in Mumbai, India

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