Episode 37 – Parenting in Bollywood Films – Hindi Medium

Films are a great source of entertainment, more so, every Bollywood films. And a lot of times you learn a thing or two about the society. You can relate to the story or the characters in the film.

Something similar happened to us when we watched the Bollywood film HINDI MEDIUM where a couple from old Delhi (Chandani Chowk), India aspire to give their daughter the best school education and do unimaginable things to get her there, even if it means stooping really low, literally.

The film stars the late actor Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar as the disgruntled parents. They are also supported by veteran actor Amrita Singh, and character actor Deepak Dobriyal.

We discussed the role of the parents in the film and the journey they go on to secure the admission of their only daughter. The film opens with establishing the fact that with every new generation the level of modernity keeps rising, which is great for human evolution but not everyone embraces modern fixes.

Here are some of the things that we could really relate to:

Iss des mein angrezi zaban nahin hain, class hai

TRANSLATION – “In this country English is not a language but a class”.

It’s amazing how much this holds true in our society, especially with the National Education Policy updated last month. It’s a classic struggle of Hindi speaking parents and English speaking parents. We also discuss the importance of knowing local languages in your own country.

  • How every parent is concerned about mosquitoes in their child’s lives. It’s almost as if they’ve found a fix to Coronavirus
  • Parents made sanitizing a thing before we were hit by COVID-19
  • If a child goes to a government/public school she will not learn anything and the “elite” class of the society will judge them and will not befriend their daughter.
  • The things you have to do to secure the admission for your child and yes parents fo to weird lengths to make it happen. Of course the film exaggerates a tad too much but the stuff they do in the first half of the film is spot on.
  • Consultant scene is very true. The kind of pressure they put on parents is ridiculous. We know parents who have done this, not just prepping up the child but also the parents as to how to talk in an interview. It’s absurd.
  • We also had a conversation on how school boards prefer professional parents as opposed to “small business owners” and it’s kind of absurd to think like that and these parents resort to donations, fake jobs and all sorts of other illicit fixes just to get their kid into that school
  • The biggest aspect that we took away from the film is that this entire school admission situation creates visible issues between husband and wife and it can in certain cases cause problems in the relationship simply because both of them are not on the same page.
  • The end of the film brings up something very thought-provoking about the English language

The movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime

If you have an interesting story or a great film recommendation either Indian or international then please do write to us on popsinapod@gmail.com . We would also be happy to receive your feedback and suggestions on the podcast.


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