Episode 45 – Engaging Kids – Play Time

One of the biggest challenges that parents have faced, is engaging their kids. And it has become more pronounced during this pandemic, especially with work-from-home, house work and online schooling. All of this bundled up in a not-so-fun package, especially for us parents.

This month, we have produced a four-part series with the theme ENGAGING KIDS. The episodes will be divided on the topics of
1. Play time
2. Music
3. Online content
4. Books

In the first part of the series we are joined by two moms – Alok Gambhir and Dr. Wilona Annunciation.

Aloka Gambhir is a fairly popular figure in the mom influencer circle and used to consult new mums on lactation and baby wearing, she is always a very avid reader. She is a mother of two boys aged 8 and 5.5. Dr. Wilona Annunciation is a practicing Psychiatrist who has worked with kids and geriatrics alike. She is a mother to a 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son.

Before we start our conversation with the lovely ladies, Peter Pop and Nadir Pop share what play time looks like at our homes both pre and post COVID.

We asked pretty open questions to Aloka and Wilona

  1. When it comes to play time how do your kids engage, especially with toys?
  2. Did you, as a parent do anything to introduce them to specific play or toys or was it just organic?
  3. Screen time (no matter how much we try to avoid it, it always shows up in conversation)
  4. Have you seen any behaviourial change in the kids in relation to what and how they play?(We asked this question specifically to Dr. Wilona)

The responses as expected were varied, deeply personal and brought a smile on our faces. Aloka, especially, on how her youngest seeks inspiration from the house help and does his best to imitate them at home. It’s just a really wonderful learning curve for these young kids.

Dr. Wilona stressed about the importance of physical and outdoor activities that help her kids develop and how there was a change in approach as COVID hit.

Go ahead give the episode a whirl and let us know if you would like to share any such experiences. Next week in Part 2, Dr. Wilona will be back with Vaishali Sharma, another mom influencer to discuss Music

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Pops in a Pod is parenting podcast produced by first time dads Nadir Kanthawala (content and digital marketing professional) and Peter Kotikalapudi (marketing professional). Nadir has a daughter and Peter has a son. They currently reside in Mumbai, India

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