Episode 47 – Engaging Kids – Online Content

Engaging kids Online content screen time Nadir Kanthawala Peter Kotikalapudi Vaishali Sudan Sharma Natasha Kini pops in a pod
Engaging kids Online content with Vaishali Sudan Sharma and Natasha Kini | Pops In A Pod

Screen time has dominated conversations in the recent past every time parents get together. Even on Pops In A Pod, somehow our discussions veer off on a tangent and we end up talking about screen time. So we decided to dedicate an entire episode on it, by calling it Online Content… but really it’s all about screen time

This is the third instalment of our mini series ENGAGING KIDS. The previous two were on Play time and Music. And this time around too we’ve got two very enterprising moms. Vaishali Sudan Sharma, a marketing professional and mom of a 6-year-old boy (she has already made an appearance in the Music episode). And Natasha Kini, a communication specialist and mom to a 4-year-old son. Both talk about their experiences and their kids’ as well.

Engaging Kids – Online Content aka Screen Time

Youtube seems to be the staple platform for all parents and kids; whether as a virtual babysitter, an entertainer or a make-shift teacher. But there are many other platforms that are doing a similar job, especially Netflix Kids and Khan Academy to name a few.

Another interesting point that came in this discussion was the kind of exposure the kids have at home as well. It makes a big difference if you live in a joint family or a nuclear family. In a joint family the child can make different connections with multiple family members and also there is a high chance of other kids living in the house

Parents are clear that passive viewing needs to be come down and the kids need to be exposed to more content other than just cartoons e.g. animal shows, sports and even learning videos.

What we have come to realise is that no child/toddler can escape screen time. It is well-integrated in our society and the faster parents realise, that this is the new normal, the better it is for everyone. I don’t think anybody would be ok with their children stuck to the screens but let’s take a long hard look at yourselves. Can we do without our devices? Can we work without our devices? Can we socialise without our devices? Some of us can’t even go to the loo without a device.

Now imagine your kid, who is looking at you every single minute of the day (thanks to this lockdown) on your device. They want a piece of that action too, and we do everything in our power to keep them away from it. Isn’t it hypocritical? Wouldn’t it be strange if they DON’T know how to use the basics of a phone or a laptop? Let’s not forget they too are modern tools of knowledge and not just passive viewing screens

Listen to the episode and let us know on what side of the fence do you belong to?

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