Episode 53 – Travel in the time of a pandemic

Pops in a pod - Travel in the time of a pandemic with Peter Kotikalapudi and Nadir Kanthawala. Dads.
Pops in a pod – Travel in the time of a pandemic with Peter Kotikalapudi and Nadir Kanthawala. Dads.

This was the most “looking-forward-to” event in 2020 – going away for a short trip over a long weekend. We would get excited to go for coffee run before this happened to us. So you can imagine what a huge upgrade it felt like; leaving behind the city vistas and going to a place closer to nature.

Peter Pop went a place called Alibaug which is a beach town just a couple of hours away from Mumbai city, even closer if you take the ferry and sail across the bay.

I went to a vineyard, 330 kms from Mumbai, which was owned by Fratelli Wines. Lovely little places, it has just four rooms and 300 acres of vineyard. And guess what? It was just the wife and I, no pesky daughter around.

It was a much deserved break for both the families, no laptop, no phone calls, no work… just a relaxing trip.

On this episode we discussed:

1. What was it like to travel in a pandemic?
2. Did the establishment, where they we went, adhere to safety standards?
3. What was it like taking a toddler?
4. What were the pre-requisites of travel?
5. Did they go in their own vehicle?

Go ahead and listen to the episode and tell us what if you have a pandemic travel story? Was it relaxing or the the kids create havoc 😀 ? Write to us with your stories, feedback and/or comments on popsinapod@gmail.com

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Pops in a Pod is parenting podcast produced by first time dads Nadir Kanthawala (content and digital marketing professional) and Peter Kotikalapudi (marketing professional). Nadir has a daughter and Peter has a son. They currently reside in Mumbai, India

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