Episode 54 – Musician Dad – Gaurav Chintamani (Advaita, The Dirt Machine)

In the past year, we’ve had only one musician guest on the podcast so far, ace guitarist Warren Mendonsa . He told us about Bedtime with The Beatles an album where musician Jason Falkner transformed The Beatles songs into lullabies. This episode is also connected with the The Beatles.

Earlier this year in June, Peter Pop came across a video on Instagram of a young boy singing the The Beatles song Blackbird.

Peter Pop later recognized the guitarist in the video as Gaurav Chintamani, the bassist of fusion rock band Advaita. The boy singing in the videos is his 6 year old son, Ishaan. Since then they have released many more videos and have gone truly viral. On this episode the Pop duo find out how it all started.

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop speak to Gaurav about Ishaan & the The Beatles, the balance between being a parent and musician and also becoming a parent during the pandemic.

The episode features Gaurav and Ishaan singing The Beatles – Penny Lane and also Get off from The Dirt Machine EP It’s About Time

Go ahead and listen to the episode and tell us what your favourite The Beatles song is? Do your kids enjoy the same music as you?

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