Episode 55 – The Little Prince

Earlier this month, Peter and I read the French classic novella, the Little Prince/Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, released in 1943. Now the novella is classified for children but take it from me, this book is meant for adults

I can’t believe it that it took me 36 years to read The Little Prince for the first time. I just feel I missed out on a lovely piece of literature during my formative years.

This book teaches you things, especially as a parent. it has so many morals to choose from that after a point you’ll start prioritising it

On this episode we are joined by Laora Ny a graphic designer and educator by profession. Someone who works very closely with children, Laora shares her insight on the importance of The Little Prince in French literature and if it is still relevant today.

Peter and I share what they enjoyed about the Little Prince, the lessons that we learnt and our lines from it.

Here are some of the themes that the book tackles

Discourage – When he was 6 years old and adults discouraged him to draw because they couldn’t understand his work. and asked them to take up stereotypical careers.

Western Supremacy – Turkish Astronomer not wearing western clothes to prove his discovery

Innocence – Adults ask questions that are numerical in nature but wont ask questions that are personality driven. Also it is wonderful that kids ask these beautiful questions, completely unadulterated by the world realities

Curiosity – Every planet the The Little Prince visits teaches him something about the ruler. He is seeking meaning.

Growing up – As an adult you need to realise that one cannot ask direct questions to children and expect direct and professional answers. The books tries to explain to us that time needs to be spent with children to truly understand their personality and what they like, dislike,  think, etc.

Random – Kids are very random they ask.all sorts of weird and random questions and you habe to indulge them (Sheep eat shrubs…)

Socializing – So important in today’s day and age, to connect with people, to make a connection with people

Preoccupation – Parents are always doing something “serious” or “important” while their kids are trying to get their attention or having a conversation with them.

Life lessons – Judge yourself is a good lesson for adults and children. Once a child knows not to judge someone without knowing them well.

Every planet the The Little Prince visits teaches him something about the ruler. He is seeking meaning.

King – Authority, Judgement and Unrealistic demands

Vain Man – Vanity, false sense of praise, so relevant in today’s day and age of social media

Busineesman – owning things for no reason, only getting rich

Streetlamp Lighter – Slow down, doing something just because it has to be done.

Geographer – Short-lived, Exploring, Sitting in office all day

Interesting lines that we came across

You know… when you are very sad, you love sunsets

“I have to put up with two or three caterpillars if I want to meet some butterflies.”

“Then you will judge yourself,” the king replied. “That is the most difficult. It is harder to judge yourself than to judge others. If you succeed well in judging yourself, that’s when you are truly wise.”

“Grown-ups are really so strange,”

For, to those who are vain all others are admirers you only truly see with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.

If you have read this book, tell us what really struck you and if it is not too much then share it with us. If you want us to review and dissect an other children/parent book then please do recommend it and we will be happy to partake.

Write to us with your stories, feedback and/or comments on popsinapod@gmail.com

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