Episode 57 – 2020 Wrap Up

It’s the last episode of 2020. Nadir Pop and Peter Pop look back at the year.

They also reflect on an important question

What would 2020 look like if COVID did not happen?

Last year before launching the podcast, we had a list over of 50+ topics ready however due to the pandemic we covered not even 20% of it. Most of our efforts were directed towards topics related to the coronavirus.

Some keys things we spoke about are:

Parents during the the lockdown. We spoke to other parents about the balancing the work load, house work, kids, online schooling, anxiety and more.

We also got an insight from Bilal Khan, an activist and social worker on what it was like on the ground and how are the masses were coping up with the lockdown in Mumbai.

We explored the effects of the lockdown on parents with Sudha Ravishankar and Dr. Swati Deepak and also on children with Shobika Jaju.

Education was one of the fields that was affected by the pandemic. Jeetu Karsan CEO of Kido India spoke to us about the importance of technology in pre school education. We also  delved into the different aspects of online education and discussed the online learning experiences with Rohit Sarma

Do have a listen to the full episode here or you can listen to it on any podcast platform that you use. We are available everywhere, including Saregama Carvaan on channel 269.

Do let us know how 2020 has been for you and how your parenting experience has been, you can write to us at popsinapod@gmail.com. Follow us on our social media handles below for more updates.


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