Episode 61 – Entrepreneur Parents – Priyanka Loonker (MyCoup)

The Pop duo are back with another episode of Entrepreneur Parents

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop joined by Priyanka Loonker of MyCoup , a platform with news and current affairs for children. Updated every Friday with a wide range of topics.

Priyanka shares her journey of self discovery from a fashion writer to entrepreneur, starting Mycoup and the response received by MyCoup over the past year.

A few highlights from the chat

  • Newsjoy a monthly magazine that Priyanka read growing up was a inspiration for her when starting out.
  • Ways to encourage children to read in the age of Youtube and OTT Platforms.
  • Mycoup has an Help Room section with guidelines on how to deal with news that can be upsetting.

Tune in to the full episode to find out Priyanka’s future plans for MyCoup.

The episode is available on all podcast platforms, including Saregama Carvaan on channel 269.

If you have story to share or know of someone who has an interesting parenting or entrepreneurship story then please write to us at popsinapod@gmail.com and we’d be happy to invite them on the podcast.

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