Episode 71 – Parenting in Crazy Rich Asians

In the new episode of “Parenting in Films“, Nadir Pop & Peter Pop watched Crazy Rich Asians.

The movie features Constance Wu as Rachel Chu, an Economics professor and Henry Goulding as Nick Young, a couple living in New York. They take a trip to Nick’s childhood friend’s wedding and also to meet his family. The rest of the movie is nothing short of a Bollywood masala.

Tune in to find out what the Pop duo thought about the parenting characters in the movie.

The parenting characters that Nadir Pop and Peter Pop discuss are 

  • Nick’s cousin Astrid and her husband Micheal 
  • Rachel Chu’s friend Peik Lin’s parents – Wye Mun and Neenah
  • Nick’s mother – Elenor Young
  • Rachel’s mother – Kerry Chu

The movie has strong matriarch characters which reminded the Pop duo of 80s and 90s Indian dramas.

There is a clear distinction in the characters of Elenor Young and Kerry Chu. Elenor Young sacrificed her ambitions to be a lawyer to support husband to run the family business whereas Kerry Chu is a self made woman and single Parent.

There is a strong thread of identity through the movie, of being Chinese Vs American Chinese. The passing on of traditions is another recurring factor, evident in the family scenes.

Our Indian listeners and readers will be able to relate strongly to the characters in this movie.

Those who enjoyed this movie will be glad to know that two sequels to this movie based on the books are currently in production so stay tuned.

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Image courtesy: Warner Bros.


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