Episode 74 – Mental Health during Lockdown Pt. 3

TW: This episode features anxiety and depression. Listener discretion is advised.

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are currently in lockdown again in Mumbai with the recent rise in the number of Covid19 cases.

Last year they spoke to 2 mental health professionals about dealing with the lockdown as parents and also kids. It is different this time around as there are shortages of medicines and oxygen across the country, this is further amplified by social media.

On this episode, they are joined by another mental health professional to discuss dealing with the lockdown this time around.

Prachi Vaish is a Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist and Founder of Emotional Wellness Initiatives. She is also a mom to a 12 year old boy, love to bake as therapy, a voracious reader and a puzzle enthusiast!

Highlights from the chat are :-

  • The rise in interest and awareness in mental health in the past year.
  • Dealing with the fear and anxiety around Covid19
  • Managing emotions while friends and family contract Covid19
  • The impact of social media on mental health during the lockdown
  • Ways to deal with mental health during the lockdown

How are you and your family coping with the 2nd wave of Covid19 in India and also the lockdown? You can reach out to us at popsinapod@gmail.com

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The views expressed on this episode are of an expert, it is not a substitute for medical advice. Listeners are encouraged to seek medical advice before taking up any new treatment. Please seek professional medical advice.


Published by Pops in a Pod

Pops in a Pod is parenting podcast produced by first time dads Nadir Kanthawala (content and digital marketing professional) and Peter Kotikalapudi (marketing professional). Nadir has a daughter and Peter has a son. They currently reside in Mumbai, India

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