Ep 75 – Women in Tech – Pooja Goyal

Come May every year like clockwork social media will be abuzz with posts about Mother’s Day. The typical communication ranging from glorifying mother’s as the “great life-giving beings in one’s lives” and guilting about how one cannot forget all the hardships that a mother has gone through to protect and provide.

This happens for one day every year and then everyone forgets about it and moves on with their life. Mothers, in fact, parents are there for their kids EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop know this as they have spoken to mothers from all walks of life over the past year. Last year they shared lessons they learnt from their mothers. This year over two weeks, they feature with two mothers who also happen to successfully run their own businesses.

For the first part of this mini-series they have invited a serial entrepreneur Pooja Goyal.

Currently Pooja is the Co-founder and COO of Avishkaar, a robotics and coding education company. An engineer from IIT Delhi, during her studies she soon realised that her interest lies in the process of creating something from scratch rather than in machines, which led her to be a serial entrepreneur and an educator. Her last venture Intellitots Learning was acquired in Dec 2017. Pooja has worked in the USA, Europe and India.

Pooja spoke to the Pop duo about her innate desire to build things and how she got attracted to technology. A person who during her educational endeavours had never heard of the premier Indian institute – IIT and yet she found herself enrolled in IIT-Delhi. Very fascinating story which everyone must hear on the podcast

We spoke to Pooja about a number of interesting topics:
1. Women in tech
2. Building new technology
3. Dealing with failure
4. Challenges while starting up
5. Growing interest in tech among girls
6. Opportunities and support for women entrepreneurs
7. Insights gained in the past year from interacting with women entrepreneurs
8. Ways that women can build a tribe of like-minded people

The whole world is slowly and eventually embracing tech. Our children’s future is going to look wildly different from ours. And it behooves us, as parents, to introduce them to as many new possibilities as needed, so they can choose a path of their liking.

If you have an interesting story or know of someone with an interesting story then please reach out to us at popsinapod@gmail.com

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Pops in a Pod is parenting podcast produced by first time dads Nadir Kanthawala (content and digital marketing professional) and Peter Kotikalapudi (marketing professional). Nadir has a daughter and Peter has a son. They currently reside in Mumbai, India

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