Episode 105 – The Science of Dads – Part 2

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The Pop duo are back with Part 2 of the Science of Dads with Dr. Rakesh Kapur. In Part 1, Dr. Rakesh shared with the Pops, the biological changes that happen in a man’s body while his wife is pregnant and men also get morning sickness.  He also spoke about the importance of a father’s role in raising his child.

Here is Part 2 of Nadir Pop and Peter Pop’s chat with Dr. Rakesh Kapur.

An encouraging fact is that there is an increase in Indian fathers spending time with their children, on an average 64 to 70 hours per month. More than 50% of fathers are spending more than 80 hours.

While Dads have to get more involved in every day care of their children, according to research done by Dr. Kapur’s team – 95% of fathers have changed their diaper/nappies of their child, more than 35% of fathers have cooked meals for their children.

Dr. Rakesh brought up the example of the Flipkart campaign of “Penguin Dads” and the perception of Stay at home Dads. However there are barriers that fathers face in society – in schools and even on the playground.

Dr. Rakesh shared facts on the father’s involvement impact on the Intelligence quotient (IQ) Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social Quotient (SQ) and life expectancy of the child.

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