Episode 106 – A look back at 2021

It’s December already and it’s been quite a year for Pops in a Pod. The recent Spotify Wrapped campaign gave Nadir Pop and Peter Pop quite a few data points about the podcast. They share some of it on this episode along with discussing the episodes from the past year that have stood out in their memory.

Here is some of the data from Spotify Wrapped

  • 2018 minutes over 45 episodes and listened to in 19 countries. Heard for the first time in Philippines, Malaysia and Netherlands
  • 80% more Followers
  • 42% more Listeners
  • 35% more hours listened
  • 7% more streams

Check it all out here – https://wrappedforpodcasters.byspotify.com/?id=ce0ac1400ea0adec7e6f5a2de3680043993d73f0aeee5be340884303d4a33257&

Here are links to the episodes mentioned

An episode that the Pops think that everyone should listen to

Episode 99 – Pritesh Asher from Juicy Chemistry. Pritesh shared with the Pop duo learnings from his family business, the origins of Juicy Chemistry, the process to setting up a 100% organic skin care line and much more.

Episode 95 – Anyone can be a podcaster – Neela Ingle During Podcast month, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop spoke to Neela Ingle, host of a Marathi literary podcast, Vachu Anade. She shared her podcasting journey of over 70 episodes at the age of 76.

Episode 88 – Three Moms and a Kids Chitra spoke to the Pop duo about co-parenting, her transition journey, the representation of LGBTQA+ community in popular media and much more.

Episode that surprised the Pop Duo the most

Episode 104 + 105 – The science of Dads Part 1 & Part 2 Dr. Rakesh Kapur from BambooTree shared the Science of Dads with the Pop duo using some interesting studies and anecdotes.

Episode 63 – Valentine’s Day (Not) Part 1 Jishnu and Shreya share with the Pop duo their love story which is straight out of a Bollywood movie minus the disapproving parents and villain. They speak about their relationship post becoming parents, the realities of it especially in the last year during the lockdown.

Episode that the Pops learnt the most from

Episode 65 – Money and parenting Mrinal Ghosh shared with Nadir Pop and Peter Pop a few effective ways to plan finances for your children and also dispel some myths.

Episode 78 – Teaching Kids Finance Sandeep Suri, Co-founder, CEO – MyDigitalCube spoke to the Pop duo about lessons in finance from their childhood, the origins of BirdFin, using experiential learning to teach children about finance and the future plans of BirdFin.

Episode 73 – Challenging Gender Stereotypes Nadir Pop and Peter Pop spoke to Rajat Mittal about this journey as an author, working on two books and the inspiration behind Boyish. They also discuss the changing gender stereotypes and the role that the media plays in it.

Finally, something that listeners should expect more from in 2022 – more episodes on relationships.

In Episode 91, Relationship Status: Married With Kids, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop discussed with Seema Kazi Rangnekar how a spouse’s relationship changes with their significant other in the due course of parenting.

Episode 92, Relationship Status: Dating in the Digital Age, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop were joined by journalist Samreen Tungekar and digital marketer Aditya Rao to discuss the change in dating in recent years and also their experiences using dating apps.

That’s all from the Pop Duo in 2021.

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Pops in a Pod is parenting podcast produced by first time dads Nadir Kanthawala (content and digital marketing professional) and Peter Kotikalapudi (marketing professional). Nadir has a daughter and Peter has a son. They currently reside in Mumbai, India

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