Episode 118 – Back to School

An episode that Nadir Pop and Peter Pop were not sure would happen when they recorded Welcome to 2022 a few months ago. Their kids attended school in person. The Pop duo discuss expectations before school started, the initial days of school and also how their kids are now. Highlights from the chat are :-Continue reading “Episode 118 – Back to School”

Episode 112 – Children’s Literature and Education in 2022 – Amrita Patwardhan (Tata Trusts)

Nadir Pop & Peter Pop are back again talking about one of their favourite subjects, education. They are joined by Amrita Patwardhan, head of education portfolio at Tata Trusts.  The Pop duo spoke to Amrita Patwardhan about the recently announced 6th Big Little Book Awards (BLBA), organised by the Parag initiative of Tata Trust, the proposedContinue reading “Episode 112 – Children’s Literature and Education in 2022 – Amrita Patwardhan (Tata Trusts)”

Episode 102 – Changing Perceptions – Career

Earlier this year in August Nadir Pop and Peter Pop started the series Changing Perceptions. Their intention via this series is to share their experiences but at the same time ask a lot of questions and open up a conversation on the subject of their choice. The first episode was about Nutrition do check itContinue reading “Episode 102 – Changing Perceptions – Career”

Episode 72 – Learning with Kutuki – Sneha Sundaram

Kutuki  is a kids learning app that teaches students through their proprietary stories and songs-based curriculum. Founded by the duo of  Sneha Sundaram and Bharath Bevinahally, the couple have combined their love for the creative arts with teaching. They won the AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge last year Sneha Sundaram shares with the Pop duoContinue reading “Episode 72 – Learning with Kutuki – Sneha Sundaram”

Episode 44 – Online Education – The Journey so far

I think it is safe to assume that none of us, and I mean NONE OF US, saw online education coming, at least in the primary sector. Yes, we have the new ed tech companies mushrooming everywhere but your very own brick and mortar schools going digital that was hard to digest. And yet it was the need to the hour.

Episode 36 – National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 – Bright future for India?

The new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is a massive update to India’s education policy. The last time a new education policy was brought into effect was back in 1986 before India’s economy was liberalised. That’s the broad framework on which our current education system rests on. 5 years in the making, it went throughContinue reading “Episode 36 – National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 – Bright future for India?”