Episode 113 – The Importance of Children’s literature in India

Last week Nadir Pop and Peter Pop spoke to Amrita Patwardhan, head of education portfolio at Tata Trusts. One of the topics they spoke about was the 6th edition of the Big Little Book Awards (BLBA) instituted by the Parag initiative of Tata Trusts. This week they are joined by one of the winners of theContinue reading “Episode 113 – The Importance of Children’s literature in India”

Episode 55 – The Little Prince

Earlier this month, Peter Pop and Nadir Pop read the French classic novella, the Little Prince/Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, released in 1943. Now the novella is classified for children but take it from them, this book is meant for adults

35 book recommendations for kids between 5 to 10 years

This is a guest post from Sabiha Ghiasi. You can read more from her here We have an almost 4 year old! The last time I wrote about what she was reading, she was a wee little one with the attention span of a spoon. She may have that of a spatula now but IContinue reading “35 book recommendations for kids between 5 to 10 years”

Episode 48 – Engaging Kids – Books

What we have realised is that books are something will not go out of style, no matter how much evolution you see in technology, even though it means “picking up” an audiobook. It might seem like a shortcut but her at least kids are getting engaged.