Episode 112 – Children’s Literature and Education in 2022 – Amrita Patwardhan (Tata Trusts)

Nadir Pop & Peter Pop are back again talking about one of their favourite subjects, education. They are joined by Amrita Patwardhan, head of education portfolio at Tata Trusts.  The Pop duo spoke to Amrita Patwardhan about the recently announced 6th Big Little Book Awards (BLBA), organised by the Parag initiative of Tata Trust, the proposedContinue reading “Episode 112 – Children’s Literature and Education in 2022 – Amrita Patwardhan (Tata Trusts)”

Ep 75 – Women in Tech – Pooja Goyal

Come May every year like clockwork social media will be abuzz with posts about Mother’s Day. The typical communication ranging from glorifying mother’s as the “great life-giving beings in one’s lives” and guilting about how one cannot forget all the hardships that a mother has gone through to protect and provide. This happens for oneContinue reading “Ep 75 – Women in Tech – Pooja Goyal”

Episode 44 – Online Education – The Journey so far

I think it is safe to assume that none of us, and I mean NONE OF US, saw online education coming, at least in the primary sector. Yes, we have the new ed tech companies mushrooming everywhere but your very own brick and mortar schools going digital that was hard to digest. And yet it was the need to the hour.