Episode 119 – Dr. Swati Popat Vats & Dr. Wilona Annunciation – Explaining Conflict and War to kids

Conflict and war are a difficult topic to discuss especially with children. Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are joined by 2 guests on this informative episode to better understand how to explain the topic of conflict and war to children, pre-schoolers as well as teenagers. Dr. Swati Popat Vats and Dr. Wilona Annunciation share withContinue reading “Episode 119 – Dr. Swati Popat Vats & Dr. Wilona Annunciation – Explaining Conflict and War to kids”

Episode 118 – Back to School

An episode that Nadir Pop and Peter Pop were not sure would happen when they recorded Welcome to 2022 a few months ago. Their kids attended school in person. The Pop duo discuss expectations before school started, the initial days of school and also how their kids are now. Highlights from the chat are :-Continue reading “Episode 118 – Back to School”

Episode 116 – To Buy or Not to Buy – Pre school edition

One of the earliest episode of the podcast was To Buy or Not to Buy, where Nadir Pop and Peter Pop discussed things they had bought for their newborns. Now that their children are in pre school, the Pop duo discuss the expected & unexpected expenses and also learnings that they have had so far.  AContinue reading “Episode 116 – To Buy or Not to Buy – Pre school edition”

Episode 114 – Entrepreneur Parents – Varun Duggirala and Pooja Jauhari.

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop recorded the podcast for the first time in a studio last month. They were joined by power couple Varun Duggirala and Pooja Jauhari. Varun Duggirala is co-founder and content chief, and Pooja Jauhari is CEO of, The Glitch, India’s leading full-service creative agency. Varun also hosts 3 podcasts, and isContinue reading “Episode 114 – Entrepreneur Parents – Varun Duggirala and Pooja Jauhari.”

Episode 110 – What Millennials Want – Vivan Marwah

In August last year, Nadir Pop and Peter Pop discussed dating the Digital Age with journalist Samreen Tungekar and digital marketer Aditya Rao. On this episode they discuss dating and marriage across India with author Vivan Marwah.  Vivan is a user researcher and the author of What Millennials Want. He traveled more than 30,000 kilometers across 13 Indian states to interview more thanContinue reading “Episode 110 – What Millennials Want – Vivan Marwah”

Episode 107 – Welcome to 2022

WHEN YOU REALISE THAT 2022 IS ACTUALLY 2020 TOO! The meme on social media is sad but true. The Pops are back from their break only to discover 2020 too! So it only makes sense to start the year with what Pops In A Pod is expecting from 2022. There is just so much happeningContinue reading “Episode 107 – Welcome to 2022”

Episode 106 – A look back at 2021

It’s December already and it’s been quite a year for Pops in a Pod. The recent Spotify Wrapped campaign gave Nadir Pop and Peter Pop quite a few data points about the podcast. They share some of it on this episode along with discussing the episodes from the past year that have stood out inContinue reading “Episode 106 – A look back at 2021”

Episode 105 – The Science of Dads – Part 2

The Pop duo are back with Part 2 of the Science of Dads with Dr. Rakesh Kapur. In Part 1, Dr. Rakesh shared with the Pops, the biological changes that happen in a man’s body while his wife is pregnant and men also get morning sickness.  He also spoke about the importance of a father’sContinue reading “Episode 105 – The Science of Dads – Part 2”

Episode 104 – The Science of Dads – Part 1

Dr. Kapur passionately advocates the significance of a father’s role in raising his child. Through his own research and other material, he explained to the Pops how the child’s upbringing is impacted by the father’s constant presence. He had so much to share that the Pops decided to split this episode into two parts.

Episode 102 – Changing Perceptions – Career

Earlier this year in August Nadir Pop and Peter Pop started the series Changing Perceptions. Their intention via this series is to share their experiences but at the same time ask a lot of questions and open up a conversation on the subject of their choice. The first episode was about Nutrition do check itContinue reading “Episode 102 – Changing Perceptions – Career”