Episode 30 – India’s youngest single dad – Aditya Tiwari

On 1st Jan 2016, Aditya Tiwari won a long drawn struggle to adopt his son Avnish. What is so special about this case? Well for starters he was not married to begin with and the Indian law saw this as a huge impediment. The child he wanted to adopt (and eventually did) was born withContinue reading “Episode 30 – India’s youngest single dad – Aditya Tiwari”

Episode 18 – Mental Health during Lockdown Pt. 2

This is the final half of the two part series on Mental Health. Last week we were in conversation with Mrs. Swati Deepak who is a counsellor and psychotherapist and specialises in parenting. And this week we have a psychologist Mrs. Shobhika Jaju who specialises in children. It’s nice to hear from someone who isContinue reading “Episode 18 – Mental Health during Lockdown Pt. 2”

Episode 16 – Mental Health during Lockdown Pt.1

This is that episode where Peter Pop and Nadir Pop barely spoke because the two guests who shared the stage gave us such a thought-provoking perspective on the India lockdown that we are still pondering on a number of things. We start the podcast with our first guest, Sudha Ravishankar who has been associated withContinue reading “Episode 16 – Mental Health during Lockdown Pt.1”