Episode 109 – From Piggybank to Portfolio w/ Binal Gandhi & Soneera Sanghvi

Nadir Pop and Peter Pop are back with another episode on Finance. They are joined by two moms, Binal Gandhi & Soneera Sanghvi, authors of the recently released book, “From Piggybank to Portfolio – How to Raise Financially Smart Kids”  They spoke to the Pop duo about their book, introducing kids to the concept ofContinue reading “Episode 109 – From Piggybank to Portfolio w/ Binal Gandhi & Soneera Sanghvi”

Episode 65 – Money and Parenting – Mrinal Ghosh

The phrase ‘money makes the world go round’ was first used in the 1960’s in a musical play ‘ Cabaret’. It stands true 50 years later, every parent will agree. Nadir Pop has touched upon the aspect of financial planning before becoming a parent in Episode 3 – Planning Pt. 2 A year later, hereContinue reading “Episode 65 – Money and Parenting – Mrinal Ghosh”