Episode 33 – Selecting Schools

Choosing a school for your kid is a dreaded experience nowadays. There is no comfort in seeing your child grow up to go to school one day. It’s more of a race, it’s the biggest thing that you will have to do as a parent and just thinking of that destroys whatever little joy there is about your child starting out at school. And that’s just the beginning.

Once school actually starts, that’s a different ball game altogether.

In today’s episode we speak with another father, a very good childhood friend of Nadir Pop, Yusuf Lokhandwala. They were in nursery together and graduated from the same school, today at a young age of 36 are parents and discussing what it’s like selecting a decent school for our kids.

Yusuf brought up multiple factors for selecting a school for his son. This included vicinity, school board, legacy, future prospects and of course the quality of education itself.

Nadir Pop shared his horrendous experience with my ex-school which he thought would have been a perfect fit for his daughter but he was proved horribly wrong. And this experience forced Nadir Pop and the wife to consider international board.

Peter Pop shared his experience of signing up his son for a potential school for his son the day he turned ONE year old!

Many more stories on school selection on today’s episode. Listen to it here:


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