Episode 43 – Entrepreneur Parents -Shradha Sud (Mama Couture)

Shradha Sud had a telling journey to entrepreneurship, she’s been a corporate lawyer for 13 years before founding her very own maternity fashion label – Mama Couture. And she didn’t have to look very far to come up with this idea, her own pregnancy led to a light-bulb moment and the path to become an entrepreneur became very clear.

Shradha brought up something fascinating during her chat, she said that India was in the midst of a start-up revolution and she was drawn by that entrepreneurship energy but it was all about a social cause directed towards women. It was during her pregnancy that she came up with the idea for Mama Couture, listen more about that journey in the episode.

She goes on to talk about the perfect marriage of fashion and comfort especially in the maternity clothing range because it is so important for even working women to feel motivated when you have something stylish and comfortable to wear to work. With the population of India and the number of pregnancies that happen in this country it is truly alarming that we didn’t have a brand that represented these women.

Go ahead have a listen to the entire episode on what Shradha has to say about the women of India, her venture Mama Couture and work life balance


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